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Foros Salvaterra
In center the of Portugal, a place known by its country life style, polo and golf sports region

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The construction of a royal palace in Salvaterra de Magos, was indeed one of the most important and significant achievement in this village, since it has contributed to the establishment of the royal family, hence was a pole of cultural nature. The palace construction is due to the landlord of the village, the prince D. Luís, son of D. Manuel I, whose orientation of the developments he delegated on the architect Miguel da Arruda. The golden period of the palace occurs during the reign of D. José I, in the early years of the 50’s, with a vast plan of remodelling and extension witch is initiated, including the construction of the house of the Opera. This House of the Opera, also named Royal Theatre of Salvaterra, was inaugurated on January 21st 1753, with the opera “Didone Abandonata”. Several plays, serious or comic dramas, where here performed with great technical and musical success, always during the winter when the royal family stayed in Salvaterra de Magos.

foros de salvaterra

Located in the heart of Ribatejo, the city of Salvaterra de Magos reveals us all its splendour, in an admirable symbiosis between men, nature and historical past

Palace of the Royal Falconry

Still today are visible the material testimonials of the Palace of the Royal Falconry, the City Hall of Salvaterra de Magos is preparing to initiate soon the reconstruction works of the Palace, restoring the dignity it deserves. Still in the XIX century, in the context of wars between Absolutists and Liberals, Salvaterra de Magos soon affirmed its absolutist tendency, fact that still today is present in the people’s imaginary, as a result the inhabitants of Salvaterra de Magos are called “D. Miguel grandchildren”.


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