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Figueira da Foz
50mts from sea beach and Casino in center of the country-Costa Azul

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One of Figueira da Foz charms are the beaches with its wooden bar’s and its extension of soft and white sand. Known as “Clarity beach”, these vast beaches were already preferred by the aristocrats at the end of the XIX century. The city can also be proud of its multiple green spaces witch invite to pleasant walks. It’s the case of the Abbeys Park, of riverside area, of the “Boa Viagem” Mountain and of the lagoons of “Quiaios” and “Bom sucesso”.


The natural conditions invites to the practice of several sports. Besides Beach Soccer World Cup, which happens in the months of July and August, the nautical sports – as sailing, swimming, surf and windsurf among others – are also very practiced. Also to mention the excellent conditions proportioned by the Mondego River for sportive fishing. Horse riding, tennis, parachuting and motorised sports are some of the offers available in this region.


Figueira da Foz has a valuable historic patrimony: the municipal museum Dr Santos Rocha with its vast collection (archaeology collections, oriental and African ethnography, numismatic, painting, sculpture, ceramics and furniture), the Delf ceramic tiles collection (House of Paço), the several churches with its golden carves, Sotto Mayor Palace, the Paço of Maiorca, the Stª Catarina Fort and the Fortress of Buarcos, the archaeological traces. In Figueira da Foz you can find the life of a people, the history of a region, the pleasure of discovering its past. The recent construction of the Art and Spectacles Centre has given its national notoriety, once that many programs that only happened in Lisbon and Porto started to happen also here. With a room with capacity for 800 people and one of the biggest stages of the country, the CAE, possesses several exhibition rooms and a small auditory, equipped with modern sound and image technologies.


In spite the social changes made by the progress, Figueira da Foz maintain alive the most ancient traditions, such as the famous art craft, or its popular festivities. More recent, the city’s celebrations, performed on June 24, are also an important landmark in the community’s life.


The Figueira da Foz night has two personalities: one it’s quieter and romantic, the other more entertaining and social. In one day you can be in the mood for an agreeable walk along the main street or by the old city’s streets; in other day you can choose to go to the casino, witch also offers spectacles and varieties or even for a night of socialising in one of the many bars, discotheques and coffee shops that are spread all over the city, already known by its cosmopolite feature.


Figueira, although it’s a very agreeable place for vacations, also possesses great conditions to carry out meetings of professional nature. Its unique characteristics give everything you need for developing a good work: for one side, the technological development and on the other, a series of conditions that provides the so necessaries and healthy moments of recollection and relaxation.



figueirA da foz

The city of Figueira da Foz is located at the Atlantic coast of Portugal, in the central region, at only 180 km from Lisbon, 120 km from Porto and 40 km from Coimbra. The sun and the beach constitute its main tourist resources. Linked by 4 km of golden sand and a multifaceted sea, they offer all its attractions for relaxing, fun and pleasant vacations. Liveliness is constant during the evenings and nights at Figueira da Foz, transforming the streets into places of magical colour and delight.  

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